Corinne's having a baby girl!

Hello my lovely clients and bloggers! I've had a "special project" in the works for about nine months now, and now it's just about done! Can you guess what it is ;)? That's right, I'm going to be welcoming a baby girl any day now! I'm so excited to have her here! To fully soak in all of her newborn wonderfulness I'm going to be taking some time off.
BUT DON'T WORRY!! We are still going to be in full business! Woo hoo!
The incredibly talented Tiana will be taking things over until I decide I can't suppress my design desires any more! (which will be in January). So really, you don't even really need to know that I'm leaving, because she will be handling everything (probably even better than me). Truthfully I just wanted an excuse to make this adorable maternity leave graphic:

Oh for cryin' out loud! Isn't it the cutest? Look at that little mommy and baby turtle. I heart them. ...Anyways, wish me luck! Enjoy the blogging world while I am gone.



  1. Hello Dear Corrine,

    Congratulation !!!for your baby born.The best moment surely for you..
    wishing you the best

  2. Awww. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your sweet comment. She is a little cutie. We are enjoying her!

  3. A little late, but congratulations Corinne :)



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