Shailene Blogsite Premade Template

Announcing the Shailene design!

This is a blogsite with lots of features! Your homepage can have an image (like what is shown) or, for $10 more you can have a slider/banner there that we can help you with (or you can follow our tutorial and try to do it yourself for free!)

You can also get it without the homepage for $10 cheaper ($40 total)! With our online shop, we haven't figured out how to add the option of having it cheaper, so we can either refund you $10 or you can get $10 worth of customizations for free. Or you can always purchase this on Etsy, which will let us have the two price points. Bear with us, we're still working out the kinks with our new shopping cart option :)

Oh, PS, we're still running that promotion for 20% off a template and $5 off  add-ons!



  1. Thank you for the Template, It looks nice

  2. I love templates especially if its a penquins.

  3. i love this templates Great looking
    u can check my blogger templates gallerie here



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