Passing the Torch ... Mostly

So, remember a while back how I introduced my business partner Corinne? Well, now Corinne is going to be the one who is taking charge of things here at The Blog Decorator. I'm still going to be around though, kinda (you can't get rid of me that easily!).

Let me explain ...

Lately I've been struggling with finding time to help out all my awesome blog clients while still working on some other pursuits of mine (like writing a book and trying to get it published). It's a tough balancing act. I've decided I need to devote more time to those other things and focus my attention.

I'll still design new blog templates. I can't really kick that habit. I'll also help out whenever things get too busy around here with installation or other things. Also, if you're a past client and we've developed a rapport, then I'll still be happy to work with you with all your blogging needs. Or if you're a friend in need of a custom design, I like doing that. Since I still get all the emails forwarded to me too, you can contact me the same way as before.

But new clients will all be helped by Corinne. Corinne will be the one installing premade blog templates and add-ons. She'll be answering emails, writing blog posts, and all that jazz.

I'll just be more in the background, lurking outside the window like Edward Cullen.


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