Back in the Saddle

Thank you everyone who has been so patient while I've been on vacation. I've had a refreshing break, and now it's back to business! I've reopened my shop, and you can now by a template by going to my purchase page.

Please note, I have received A LOT of emails and special requests while I've been on break. I'm kind of dreading just how much work I might have in front of me ... But I'm willing to forge ahead if you'll all bear with me. For the next little bit, I might have a lot of clients purchasing things, which means I might not get to you as fast as I could in the past.

If I am working on your project, I'd REALLY, REALLY appreciate quick replies to my emails. The faster you can reply to me, the faster I can get your blog done and can move to the next person in my queue. I can usually work on a couple of clients at once, so I'm hoping things will move quickly :)


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