Grand Opening Giveaway

I've been rather quiet on the interwebz lately because I've been working on a TOP SEKRIT project. But now I can finally show you!

Ta-daa! Introducing, The Blog Decorator (Thanks DL for originally giving me the idea for the name):

That's right folks, I'm opening my very own blog design shop. What's more is that I'm hosting a giveaway! (There are a lot of exclamation points in this post. I don't care. I'm excited. Live with it.)

The rules:
  • Leave a comment telling me which of my premade blog templates you would want. That's it. There's only one rule. Simple, no? You can pick any of the blog designs - even the most expensive one. I'll also give you whatever extra customizations you want - for free!
Of course, if you want extra entries, just blog/tweet/FB/Pin/smoke signal or whatever else it is people are doing these days to share my giveaway. Let me know what you did in the comments and you'll get one extra entry for each thing you do to promote it.

The giveaway will be open for two weeks (until April 27th), at which point, I'll pick a winner and one lucky person will get a blog makeover. Woot!

***This contest was hosted on my other blog, and has since closed***


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